Nov 182010

As some of you may know, I am a HUGE fan of Harry Potter. Perhaps a little too much of a fan…if there is such a thing. So as you can imagine, I am so super stoked to be going to the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 tonight!! This will be my fourth midnight showing of Harry Potter and I have no doubt it will be just as amazing as the first three.

One of the best parts of the night is the theater that my boyfriend and I go to. They have a bar inside and they always have themed cocktails for big releases like Harry Potter and Twilight. Here are some pictures from Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (forgive the yucky hair I had going on that day) and our cocktails. I had “Snape’s Surprise” and Christopher had “Polyjuice Potion.” And yes, those are Harry Potter t-shirts…

We also decided to buy tickets to see the movie again Saturday afternoon. We both took Friday off so we have a whole day to sleep, rehash, and discuss the movie before going back and seeing it again. Pretty diehard, right :)
Are you going to see the movie at midnight? If so, are you dressing up or do you have any traditions you do every year? If you see the movie and want to discuss feel free to contact me – I can never get enough HP!

And just because it’s so flipping awesome, here’s the trailer again: 

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  1. Myself, sister, cousin, and friend all are going to the midnight showing. We made shirts and parts of these shirts even glow in the dark, lol. We go every year and I guess the only tradition we really have is going out to eat before and getting to the theater early to get in line and get good seats.

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  4. How fun!! I am jealous. I will probably wait to see HP after the crowds have died down. I am not a huge fan, but I have seen all the movies. Last year on this exact day I went to see New Moon at the midnight release with a group of my girl friends & had the BEST time!! I love midnight premiers with people who share your love for that particular movie :-)

  5. I can’t do the midnight releases. Too difficult with little kids who get up in the 6am hour!! So I always wait until the morning showing when no one is around. :D

  6. I’m going at midnight for sure! It’s been a tradition since the first flick for me, and I’m so so so excited haha my little Hedwig tattoo on my hand is out in full force today, and I might have to wear a temporary scar tattoo again ;) HAVE FUN!

  7. JEALOUS! I will prob go on Saturday night. Here’s hoping! Which theater is it? That crazy AMC downtown? Have fun!

    PS: I thought your hair looked cute!

  8. Did you cry? I almost did :(

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