Nov 252010

To all of my fellow book bloggers and readers who celebrate – Happy Thanksgiving!! I hope you are all stuffing your faces with yummy goodness like I am and that you will be in a tryptophan coma by the end of the day!
I am thankful for many, many things this year, especially all of the wonderful people in my life. My family, boyfriend, friends, and all of the great people I have met through blogging! 2010 has been a great year and I hope it has been for you all as well!

  9 Responses to “Happy Thanksgiving!!”

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you too.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Tara!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Tara! It’s been awesome getting to know you these last few days :-) I’m very thankful for this little book blogging community!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving! Very thankful for all my blogging buddies! :)

  5. Happy Thanksgiving to you too Tara!!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving to you doll!

  7. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, Tara! I love how we’ve all been able to “meet,” and I hope we all actually get meet someday in person! Have a great day :)

  8. I hope you had a great day!!

  9. Hope you had a great one! This is definitely a non-blogging, rest, watch TV, read kind of weekend. We’ll catch up next week!

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