Nov 262010
Anna from Anna Reads and I went on another author signing adventure to meet the amazing Laurie Halse Anderson at Anderson’s Bookstore.
The tour Laurie is currently on is for her book, Forge. This is the second book in the Seeds of America series and follows the first book, Chains. The series is about slavery during the American Revolution, something I feel all young readers should learn about.
I was happy to see so many middle grade kids at the signing that really enjoyed Chains and Forge. They had really insightful questions for Laurie and you could tell she enjoyed connecting with that age group.
After reading Speak, I knew I had to read more of Laurie’s books. She has an incredible knack for writing about those “taboo” items – rape, eating disorders, cutting, and slavery among others. She isn’t afraid to talk about subjects that might make most people squirm and be too scared to talk about.

When Anna and I met her, she was so sweet and nice and you could tell she was truly happy to be there meeting her readers. I definitely look forward to reading her collection of books and if she is ever in town again I will be swinging by!

  7 Responses to “Laurie Halse Anderson Signing”

  1. How awesome! If there was one author I could meet, it’d be her. Glad you enjoyed the signing! :]

  2. She was in Houston a few weeks ago, but I couldn’t make the signing because it was during work hours. Bummer!

    So what adventure are you & Anna going on next??

  3. I wish we got some of these great authors to little NZ . Im a new follower

  4. Just wait till the list of authors coming in January is released!

  5. So fun, and so jealous, Tara! I’m glad you and Anna got to go! :)

  6. I haven’t read Speak, but I know I definitely need to.

    So fun that you went to her signing! I love going to signings.

  7. I love book signings!

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