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The wonderful Anna over at Anna Reads came up with this awesome idea of reading our old diaries to see what we were actually thinking when we were teens. Was it similar to how teens talk and act now? Well, we’re going to find out :)

April 14, 1996 – 11 years old

Dear Diary,

Mom bought me another Teen Beat magazine today and it is FILLED with Jonathan Taylor Thomas posters! I only have a little bit of space left on my walls and then I’m going to have to start putting them on the ceiling. JTT is so dreamy…


August 11, 1998 – 13 years old

Dear Diary,

Today we went to Wal-Mart to buy school supplies. I bought this poster of the Brewer twins who are totally hot with their blonde hair, great abs, and very nice all-around bods!

Peace out,

What did we learn today? That I was a tad bit boy crazy in my tween years. I did end up putting JTT posters on my ceiling – my walls were literally crammed with his face. And I tried to find a picture of the Brewer twins poster, but when I Googled it the images that appeared were definitely not ones I had at 13 years old… if you’re curious, do a search but make sure you are in a place where R-rated things can be seen…

What about you? Did you go through a boy- or girl-crazy phase? Or did you have a heartthrob like JTT?

(image courtesy of Ginger at GReads!)

  12 Responses to “Dear Diary (2)”

  1. Oh this is hilarious! Especially the fact that you said he was dreamy, haha! I totally went through a boy crazy phase – I might still be going through it?! LOL!

    My walls had pictures of Justin Timerlake (during his N*Sync days), New Kids on the Block (when I was MUCH younger!), & Jared Leto from his My-So Called Life days.. aahhh.. now HE was dreamy ;-)

  2. OMG TARA! I LOVED JTT!!!! I had his face everywhere too until I went through a growth spurt and realized I would be taller than he was if we ever met. I like feeling more petite even though I’m not, and I think I would squish that boy like a bug if I pounced on him like I dreamed of doing so long ago! Love it:)

  3. LOL JTT! He was so cute. The guy I liked growing up was Wil Wheaton. I had pictures of him all over my wall. I liked River Phoenix, too. So tragic. My fave actress, at the time, was Alyssa Milano. I read everything about her. I’m a follower of hers on Twitter. She sent me a message. I think I just about died. LOL. Awesome post! I’m a new follower :)

  4. Lol I remember going through that phase I was around that age when I started fawning over Vin Diesel LOL! Actually never really grew out of it. Love this meme and your entries! :D

  5. LOL! Oh yes, JTT was my biggest crush ever. His face covered all four walls (though I don’t think I ever made it to ceiling coverage, good for you!)

  6. JTT! I totally forgot about him! :) Home Improvement!

  7. “Very nice all-around bods!” Hahaha! I love it. My parents never let me put posters up (we moved around a lot and parents didn’t want me messing up the walls), but if I could, I’m sure they’d just be Disney posters anyway. ;) I wasn’t a normal teen, and wasn’t boy-crazy either. Now college? Whole nother story. (HELLO ENRIQUE IGLESIAS ON DESKTOP WALLPAPER)

  8. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA JTT. Win. Epic, epic win. Tara, you crack me up! :)

  9. Our JTT love springs eternal. I didn’t have boys up on my walls — I thought my parents & big sister would make fun of me. PS: I looked up the Brewer twins. Um, they are AWFULLY fond of “incestual”-themed poses. Eeeek!

  10. What a fun post!!! I was totally boy crazy as a teen… Now I roll my eyes at my preteen when she talks about boys. ;p

  11. Oh my gosh that is HILARIOUS! Especially the 13 year old one when you say “very nice all-around bods.” XD I never went through a boy crazy stage when I was younger but apparently I’m going through it now according to my mother and sister. But I don’t think talking about awesome fictional guys counts. Hehe.

  12. wow, JTT, that brings me back. I remember actually thinking that if I ever met him that he would fall in love with me, I think I was about 10. Crazy. I love this! I’m going to have to find some of my own diaries. :)

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