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Romance, flirting, mad passion, melancholy regret, and bitter heartbreak… Find songs that share every nuance of love from male and female points of view on this sweet musical blog hop!

Music is a strong theme in Random Magic – so strong, in fact, that one of the celestial characters Winnie and Henry meet is Efterpe, the Muse of music.

Love is another strong theme in the book, and so in honor of Valentine’s Day, here’s a fun blog hop to check out, featuring songs about love.

For each stop, you’ll be able to listen to two love songs – one love song written by (or interpreted by) a man, and one by a woman, to be fair and give the fellows equal time to wax lyrical or poetic or happy-go-lucky or broken-hearted or philosophical, and so on…

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Senza fine - Gino Paoli and Ornella Vanoni

He said:

Non m’importa della luna
Non m’importa delle stelle
Tu per me sei luna e stelle
Tu per me sei sole e cielo
(I don’t care about the moon
I don’t care about the stars
For me, you’re the moon and stars
For me, you’re the sun and sky)

Song’s commentary on love: Sometimes one person can be an entire world. Or, love can distort the perception of time. Lyrics: English translation

Padam, Padam - Tanya Bulanova

She said:

This song obsesses me day and night
This song is not the sort written today
It comes from as far away as I do
Carried along by a hundred thousand musicians…
Padam, padam, padam
It follows right behind me
Padam, padam, padam
It strikes me with your memory

Song’s commentary on love: Love, like music, is a human experience that’s uniquely personal and eternally universal at the same time. This song was recorded by French chanteuse Édith Piaf in 1951, and by Russian electro-pop singer Tanya Bulanova in 2001. It was relevant – and true for many – both times. Lyrics: English translation

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Random Magic quote:

Lady Witherspoon arched an eyebrow in subtle, wordless commentary. “Really, Tony,” she said pleasantly, “sometimes I believe you’re too charming to live.” The gentle trace of sarcasm lingered in the air, mingling with the scent of muguets des bois and spicy peach chrysanthemums overflowing from black and gold chinoiserie vases on the corner tables. Irresistible sort of wench, Tony thought. So — what was the word? Unreadable. Unfathomable. Something with an un.

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This music hop is part of Random Magic Tour: Vive L’Amour, feel
free to browse other Valentine’s Day special features here. For the impatient, here are all the blogs on the hop:

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Reader invitation: Do you have a favorite love song? Feel free to share your suggestion in the comments.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

  10 Responses to “Random Magic Musical Blog Hop”

  1. At the moment I’m completely addicted to Jar of Hearts, though it is not a love song. LOL!

    Thanks for the tour post. Happy V-Day Tara!

  2. I have SO many favourite love songs, but right now “Anywhere but Here” by Safetysuit takes the cake ;)

  3. I know too many love songs to list them all, but a favorite of mine has always been “I’ll Back You Up” by Dave Matthews Band. Oh and I adore “Be Mine” by David Gray <3

  4. This is such a fun blog tour! I don’t know that I have a favorite love song, that would be really hard to choose. I feel like I could probably think of a ton but they all escape me at the moment now that I’ve been put on the spot;) Happy Valentine’s Day Tara!

  5. I can think of so many love songs I like. Current favourite is Come What May from the Mouline Rouge soundtrack.

  6. such a cute video for padam padam!

  7. I agree with Misha! The Moulin Rouge soundtrack is what I am listening to right now :)

  8. This Hop has been so cool! Okay, my last favorite love song is… (I don’t think this is the actual name, BTW) Wake Me Up Inside by Evanescence. I just love it. It’s been one of my longtime favorite songs and has stood the test of time for me through all my varying tastes.

  9. I haven’t heard this songs before! I like Padam Padam very much!:D
    My favorite love song would be Broken by Seether feat Amy lee..its a sad song but a beautiful track!

  10. fantastic work.i love it.This is such a fun blog tour! I don’t know that I have a favorite love song, that would be really hard to choose.well,keep working.you going good.

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