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This week’s TTT (hosted by The Broke and the Bookish) is all about Top Ten Bookish Pet Peeves – those things that just drive you bananas about all things books. A lot of these are superficial things but I did throw in a few story-related peeves for good measure.

1. Stickers and/or price tags on books
Just like Jamie, I cannot stand when there are stickers on my books. I go to pull them off and I get the goopy crud left behind – or worse yet, it rips my book. NO STICKERS!!
2. Jacked-up jacket covers
The jacket covers on my books have to be pristine. No creases, dents, tears, scratches, nada. I take them off when I read the books or loan them out. Anal…perhaps. 
3. Dog-earring pages
GAH this one kills me. Sticky notes people! Receipts. Gum wrappers. Or holy smokes, maybe a bookmark!!! 
4. Library books that have unidentifiable “jazz”
You know what I’m talking about. The Cheeto finger smears. The crinkly pages from getting wet. The mark that looks suspiciously like a booger. We have all seen these things. And it’s gross.
5. Any sort of marker on book covers
This one is still fresh and stings. Borders totally jacked up my books by magic markering the bar codes on all of my books and then stacking them together. I understand the concept, but a non-smearing ballpoint pen works just as well folks.
6. Insta-love
If only I could just look at a guy and know instantly that I would love him forever. No friendship development or knowing anything about each other. Just pure, ridiculous insta-love. (GAG)
7. Book covers with a girl in a pretty dress
I will admit – I lurved this cover trend. And now, every other book has one. While I still love the dresses, I’m really hoping that some creativity can come into play here pretty soon.
8. People who don’t return your books
Most recently, this happened with my copy of Eclipse and I still haven’t gotten over it. And I probably never will.

What about you – what grinds your gears in the book world?

  14 Responses to “Top Ten Tuesday (4)”

  1. Bahahahahaha cheeto-fingers. Too true. It’s one of the many reasons the library and I don’t get along ;)

  2. Jazz?! hahahaha Oh my goodness. I use that word for something else & I am pretty sure it’s highly inappropriate to mention here on your blog. That is freaking hilarious.

  3. “unidentifiable jazz”-too funny! I know what you’re talking about too! I’m probably the only person who insta-love doesn’t bother too much, sometimes I think it just depends on the book. I’m proud of my Borders that’s closing because they only put a tiny little black dash across the barcode and let them air-dry while I was finishing up paying for them. I was scared when she brought out that black marker, lol.

  4. I totally agree and if someone didn’t return my book I would be really upset.

  5. YES!!!! I agree with all of these, I hate when people don’t return your books and also #4 so gross but I’ve seen it and hate it. I hate the dog eared pages, I always use post its if I want to mark a page that I loved so much or write it down on my journal (yes, I have a journal just for quotes)

  6. Ewwww cheeto crusties! The reason why I don’t go to the library is 75% became i’m lazy and like to own my books anyway. And 25% because other people gross me out and I don’t want to touch the crap that tons of other people have touched. Although I have to say I’m guilty of getting eye makeup on my books. When I get home late at night and crack open a book and I’m tired and I’m rubbing my eyes, sometimes it happens :( But it’s my book, not someone else’s!

    Insta-love, OF COURSE.

    And OMG. Jacket covers are meant to be left beautiful. I love my books to be beautifully perfect.

  7. Ewwwwwww #4, I totally agree! I just read quickly so I can turn the page! I am guilty of dog-earring, but I hate the stickers!!

  8. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! Except for the pretty dresses. I’m still loving those :) Would be nice if they related more to the story though. At least in the beginning the pretty dress on the cover sort of related to the book (The Luxe), but now it just seems like they’re slapping on random pretty dresses with no connection to the actual book (The Vespertine).

  9. I agree with all of these!

  10. I have to have pristine jacket covers too! I’m that girl that will stand in the aisle going through every hardback until I find one that doesn’t have a dinged corner or crease or anything:) And please no more insta-love, I’m over it!

  11. great list and sooo true. but number 8 is the worse :/

  12. Hahaha that’s why I had to stop borrowing books from the library. There was an unidentifiable stain on a few of the pages, and I was too grossed out to finish the book.

    Sadly, I had to stop letting people borrow my books. They either came back in horrible condition, or I never saw them again.

  13. Totally agree with these! Well, I don’t mind the dresses. I love a pretty dress. :)

    Inst love only works for me if they’re is some cosmic reason for it. It’s gotta have some substance.

    Great post!


  14. Dog earing pages…hehe :) Maybe I should hand out those tiny strips of post it notes at the next get together :) Sometimes you just haaaave to…lol! Nice list for reals tho!

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