Apr 182011
Due to my life becoming insanely, crazily, ridiculously busy (my desk really does look like this minus the nasty ashtray), I am taking a very brief one-week break from the blog. I will be back and raring to go next week with some awesome reviews and fun author recognition posts – so stay tuned :)


  7 Responses to “Mental Health Week”

  1. um do you have an ash tray on your desk too?? haha just kidding. Seriously though – get your shiz in order & take care of YOU. We will be here when you come back :-) No more hospital visits!!

  2. Mental health is important, I definitely need a week like that too. Sadly, it’s not in the near future for me! Enjoy your blogging time off Tara, hope you get lots of time to just relax and read non-review books:)

  3. We will be here when you get back. :) Enjoy!

  4. <3 Mental Health weeks are needed! :)

  5. Everyone needs a break sometimes!

    I love the picture. Too cute! LOL!

    Jennifer of Little Shelf

  6. I hope you have a cute kitten on your desk to help with your stress :) Take the time you need, but I look forward to your return!

  7. Enjoy and hurry back!

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