Apr 062011
(the lovely Ginger at GReads! made this graphic – she seriously rocks)
(and thank you to Anna at Anna Reads for helping my poor brain out with a name for this)

As an alternative to Waiting on Wednesday, I am starting a new feature called Now… or Later? This feature was inspired by my ridiculously huge TBR pile and how I can never decide which book to read next.
This is where you fabulous people come in! I will basically feature one or two books each week and you vote whether I should read the book now or wait until later. Feel free to make your case as to why I should either read the book immediately or put it off until later. And please feel free to do your own post and link up in the comments!
This week’s book is…

 I can’t even tell you how long this book has been sitting on my bookshelf. I have heard some mixed reviews and perhaps that’s why I still haven’t read it. 

So what do you think? Leave me a comment and tell me if I should read it now or if it can wait. I’d love to hear your thoughts :)

  18 Responses to “New Feature: Now… or Later?”

  1. what a lovely feature! this is novel is also in my TBR list. i feel that i really really need to get into reading this one! i have heard so many good things about the book and i better experience it myself soon! ^_^

  2. Love the feature and the pic is so cute! LOL. I read her previous book which was pretty good, but just to be sure head over to some bloggers that you trust and see what they thought of it :)

  3. I do not own this book, but it’s been on my TBR list for quite some time. I’ve heard it’s really good, but for whatever reason I just haven’t purchased it yet. Go ahead & read it now & then send me your copy :-) Ha!

  4. I read this and really, really enjoyed it. It’s a little dark and intense, but totally worth reading! I say read it now!

  5. Now! Revolution was an amazing book. I read it from the library and I want to purchase my own copy, which is something I rarely do. The book has to be amazing, and Revolution is just that.

  6. I haven’t read it :( sorry I can’t be any help, but it’s a great new feature!

  7. This book is fabulous!! You have to read it now, I wasn’t thrilled about reading it when I got it because I’m not a big fan of historical fiction but this one was different and I loved it! NOW!!! =)

  8. Now! Now! Now! This was my best book of 2010 — even if you aren’t an historical fiction fan — you will enjoy this one….

  9. I love this feature! Personally I’m waiting until later for Revolution. I heard it’s kind of depressing for a while in the beginning, and I’m more in the mood for happy books lately. Good luck making your decision!

  10. NOW!! I loved this books! It’s beyond amazing! Although, I suppose I should warn you, the main character is hurting, and hurting bad. So, if you are in the mood for light/fluffy, wait, because this book is too amazingly good to read when not ‘ready’ for it.

  11. I think you should read it now. Why? For selfish reasons, I want to read your review on it. But seriously, it looks really cool.

  12. #1 — you’re welcome for you-know-what. #2 — read it later. You have to read Divergent first so you can give it to G this weekend. And this is a good book, but it WILL take more of your time to get into. So prep for that.

  13. How did I read through all of these comments and NO ONE mentioned Now & Later candy? And WHY AM I NOT EATING CANDY RIGHT NOW?

    Yeah I haven’t read Revolution. But I just wanted to throw my two cents in there. ;)

  14. Great new feature idea! I loved Revolution so I would say read it now. Jennifer Donnelly is one of my favorite authors. Her attention to historical detail is fantastic and you will definitely connect with the two main characters, Andi and Alex.

  15. I love the new feature! It’s such a great idea :)

    Revolution has been sitting on my shelves for forever, so I’ll be stalking your comments to see what people say.

  16. I’m of absolutely no help on this one. I’ve heard it’s amazing but couldn’t tell you from experience since I have it in my TBR pile too:)

  17. I read Revolution earlier this year and really, really liked it. It’s great for lovers of historical fiction and YA. I think you should read it now!

  18. NOW! I love Donnelly, and this entire novel is just fantastic.

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