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Today I would like to welcome Kendare Blake, author of Anna Dressed in Blood, to Fiction Folio! Kendare was nice enough to do a guest post for my blog where she describes her serial relationship with Harry Potter, something near and dear to my heart :) Enjoy!


The Serial Relationship. You know. The relationship that you have with a particular book series that goes on for years and sucks out your soul. We all have one. Most of us have more than one. It’s a disturbing cycle that these authors have, sucking us in and making us love them, then telling us we need to cool off for a while, take a break, maybe see other books. So this is the post where I confess mine. My own little demon, my own little restraining order in a hardback cover. The Harry Potter Series.

It started off innocently enough. Just a casual glance. Some prolonged eye contact. I mean, there it was, just sitting on the shelf, all sexy in hardcover, and I needed a date for a flight to Mexico and a beach vacation.

Hey. What’s up? My name’s Kendare. Maybe I’ll call you sometime and we can hang out. Or maybe not. Whatever.

It winked at me so I bought it. I’m easy like that. Besides, I thought I was safe. Because I wasn’t going to get involved with Harry Potter. I’d seen what happens when you do. So when I bought Order of the Phoenix, or as I would later come to refer to it, OotP (*sigh*headshake*), I had a plan. I was going to read them out of order. That way I wouldn’t become overly involved in the continuing storyline. Ha! Because this dog doesn’t wear a leash! I also wasn’t going to give it my cell number.

It went okay. So I decided to read CoS. I mean, Chamber of Secrets! Dammit!

Hey. I had a good time on vacation. We should do that again sometime. Or not, that’s cool. But seriously, what are you doing on Friday?

Okay that’s the last one I’m doing. After that it was a downward spiral to the really pathetic. By the time I had read Goblet of Fire, Sorcerer’s Stone and Prizoner of Azkaban, I was a level five clinger. I was so involved in the Harry Potter series that I was stalking fan sites, watching flame wars, reading horcrux theories and was THIS CLOSE to illegally adopting a Snowy Owl. Friends had become worried that the series was the only thing I was capable of talking about. I’d disappear onto the internet for days. Interventions and possible medications were in the works.

In short, I had pretty much become Gary Busey.

But eventually the series did end, and years later, I’ve recovered. Completely. I don’t even have to go see the last movie. On opening weekend. If I don’t want to.

Sometimes though, I miss my serial relationship. I miss the anticipation between books, the rampant speculation, the fan communities that crop up like locusts. I even miss accidentally reading a spoiler and then drowning my sorrow in Butterbeer.

Funniest thing about this picture? The guy looks so much like my husband that I actually asked him if he had a Butterbeer problem I didn’t know about. He was all, “Psh! No!” And I was all, really? Then we need to track this guy down because he stole your face. And your glasses. And your shirt. But thankfully, not that visor.

So there it is. My serial relationship. You never see them coming, but there are books out there that can bring you down. My thanks to Tara for letting me embarrass myself on Fiction Folio. If anyone is of a mind, feel free to confess an obsession of your own in the comments. So I won’t feel like such a weirdo stalker.
Seriously, could Kendare be any more hilarious and awesome?!?! Be sure to check out Anna Dressed in Blood hitting the shelves on August 30, 2011. Check out the synopsis here and take a look at this amazing cover!

  3 Responses to “Guest Post: My Serial Relationship by Kendare Blake”

  1. I can not wait for Anna Dressed in Blood!

    I was that way with harry potter too. Who wasn’t, right?? I had to try to find all the HP I could, which definitely included the fan sites.

    I want to try butter beer! it sounds awesome. Super cute picture!

    I felt that way about twilight, and almost that crazy about the Vampire Academy series.

    Fabulous interview! :)

  2. This was absolutely hilarious. And I completely agree with her. I’m going to bawl my eyes out like a baby who just had its passy stolen when I see the last movie. A series that has enveloped half my life is over. :(

  3. I laughed almost the entire time while I was reading this. Honestly, I think almost everyone has felt this way about Harry Potter sometime in their life. (and some still squeal each time the trailer for the final movie instalment is aired on the television) :P ..
    The cover Anna Dressed in Blood is eerie, yet still pretty; and the synopsis makes it sound thrilling. I’ll look for it in store in August :) .

    Great interview, thanks for sharing!

    the Novel Nook

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