Jun 232011

There you have it folks – Pottermore is going to be an online reading experience created collaboratively by J.K. Rowling and readers. Pottermore will also be the exclusive site where you can buy digital audiobooks and ebooks of the series. The catch – it’s not being released to the public until October, with a chance for a select few to enter early on July 31.

While it isn’t a treasure hunt like originally thought yesterday, I am still excited to see what this website will actually bring to Harry Potter fans. The fact that Jo will be sharing information about Harry Potter that was never included in the books is SO exciting! The release of the last movie in July is going to be the end of such a long and amazing journey through the world of Harry Potter, and I’m happy that fans have a chance to continue that journey online.

  3 Responses to “JK Rowling Announces Pottermore”

  1. It won’t let me submit my email, haha!
    I was really looking forward to some kind of treasure hunt, i had my bike all ready :)

    Theres a bunch of preveiws on Press Room, if you scroll to the bottom and click on it, I did a post on it :)


  2. I’m looking forward to it!

  3. I was little let down by the news. I’m excited for the new reading, but I was just expecting something MORE, you know?

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