Jul 222011
I am thrilled to have Jennifer Echols on the blog today, courtesy of Teen Book Scene! Jennifer’s newest novel, Love Story, was released on July 19,  and I am so excited to help promote this fantastic book.I asked Jennifer for her Top Ten faves for a few topics below, and her fun (and hilarious) answers are below. If you haven’t checked out Love Storyyet, go do it ASAP – it’s a great read!

Top Ten Classes You Wish Were Offered in College (or that were offered and you regret not taking)
1. Astronomy
2. Architecture
3. Art
4. More geology–I took the intro and loved it
5. More art history
6. Gymnastics
7. Track
8. Weight lifting
9. Advertising
10. Marketing

Top Ten Book-to-Movie Adaptations
1. Pride and Prejudice
2. Emma
3. Clueless (which is also based on Emma)
4. Persuasion
5. Mansfield Park
6. Sense and Sensibility
7. The Remains of the Day
8. Howards End
9. A Passage to India
10. A Room with a View

Top Ten Boy Crushes Growing Up
I’m about to show you how old I am. You have probably never heard of these people and you can look them up if you’re curious. Also, I liked older men.
1. Alan Alda
2. Carl Sagan
3. John Denver
4. Tommy Smothers
5. Glenn Campbell
6. The guy who played Frankie on Days of Our Lives
7. Michael J. Fox
8. Harrison Ford
9. Mark Hamill
10. Jan Michael Vincent

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  1. Fun interview! I read Echols Going Too Far a few months ago and really enjoyed it and I just got Forget You this week. Pretty sure I’m falling for this author ^-^


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