Jul 032011
In My Mailbox is a weekly meme created by Kristi at The Story Siren that gives readers the chance to share the books they bought/received/swapped/rented over the past week.

Yes, I already own the series in hardcover, but for some reason felt the need to buy them in paperback as well… at least I had a Borders coupon!
From the library:
The Throne of Fire by Rick Riordan
Helllzzzzz yes for books set in/about Egypt!

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  1. I’m tempted to buy the Harry Potter Paperbacks because they look so lovely together. Also, so my Harry hardbacks will have new friends.

    Also the Rick Riordan Egypt series looks good.

    Happy reading :D

  2. Amazing books all the way around! I love how you have the paperbacks and hardcovers of the HP series. I might have to do that myself :)

  3. HARRY POTTER! (in my head I totally said this in my fake British accent)
    I am dying to get them all in paperback too, it just looks to nice together =)

  4. I loved the first book of the Kane series, and I can’t wait to read THRONE OF FIRE. It’s about time the Egyptians got some love! I’m tempted to get the HP hardcover box set just because my books are a mix of hardcover and paperback and I like uniform things…

  5. Harry Potter is just so pretty in HC. It is totally necessary to own both sets :) I really need to read Rick Riordan’s books, I’ve heard they are so good. Enjoy your books :)

  6. You and your Egypt books! haha and that HP set looks really familiar ;-)

  7. I’m thinking you made a really good choice buying the HP books. I’ve been considering buying the rest of my set in hardback and then the others in paperback so I have the complete collection of both. Happy reading!

    My Mailbox

  8. That HP set looks great! They are really different from the UK covers.

  9. I have been feeling the need to buy Harry Potter in paperback too. This may have pushed my decision a little more to the positive side! :)

  10. you can never have enough HP, let’s be real. i’m holding out for the uk adult paperback versions of the series: http://goo.gl/KOBE0

  11. I still haven’t read Harry Potter *hides*

  12. I need a nice set of HP books! Mine are all mismatched and stuff…one of these days!

  13. You can never have to many copies of Harry Potter :) . Hope you enjoy Throne of Fire. Happy Reading!

  14. Throne of Fire was so good – I liked it even better than the first book!

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