Jul 272011
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I’m bringing the Now… or Later feature back! Basically this feature involves you helping me decide if I should read a particular book ASAP, or if it can wait a bit. This came about because of my inability to make a decision when it comes to my TBR pile, so I’m hoping you guys can help a girl out :)

This week’s book is…

What do you think? Bump it up to the top of the pile? Perhaps have it hang out somewhere in the middle? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

  15 Responses to “Now… or Later? (3)”

  1. Now!! Do it! :D Great twist on the normal Greek myth. Loved this one!

  2. I actually enjoyed this more than I thought I would! I’m not big into Greek mythology, but I could relate and understand the world building and plot :) It’s a good read!

  3. Oh, I loved this so much! You’ll definitely have to read this as soon as possible! :)


  4. I have not read this book, but I’ve heard mixed things about it. However seeing Jess & Farrah’s opinions.. maybe you should? Someone (can’t remember who) told me they couldn’t finish it :-\

  5. I was in the middle on this one, I went in expecting a lot of greek mythology and there really wasn’t that much except mentioning gods and goddesses in passing. The tests she faces are almost nonexistent which was a touch disappointing, but that being said I enjoyed it while I was reading and will definitely be picking up the next one!

  6. I haven’t read this one either but I heard from a couple of peeps that it was really good. =)

  7. okay i’m in the minority here, but i vote for later. it was okay, not fabulous…definitely something that you can get to another time and not feel like you missed the boat.

  8. I would say read it now! I was actually happily surprised by how much I liked this one – it was different than I expected. I was also able to read it pretty quick because it was an easy read and fun making me want to keep reading.

  9. Later. Just sayin’.

  10. I haven’t read this one, so I vote for top! That way I can read your review before I pick it up.

  11. I was a bit meh about it. It was hard for me to get over the silliness of the main character and the storyline.

  12. Cool feature! I have this still from Netgalley. lol I never read it. I still want to, but I can’t add much to the conversation in that aspect.

    Just found your blog by the way (via Twitter). Ne follower! :]

    ♥ Sarah @ I’m Loving Books

  13. I haven’t read this one, but ditto on hearing mixed reviews on it. Still, it looks interesting and I’m curious to read your thoughts on it.


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