Aug 292011

I have Sophie Jordan on the blog today sharing with you the top ten reasons why Jacinda loves being a Draki! If you haven’t read Firelight yet you should definitely pick it up soon (check out my rave review).

Top Ten Reasons Jacinda Loves Being A Draki

1.  Flying! Of course! Best feeling in the world!
2.    I feel closer to my father when I’m flying… almost like he’s there with me.
3.    It’s all I’ve ever known… all I’ve ever wanted to be. Being a draki is being alive to me.
4.    I’m a terrible driver… makes flying really convenient.
5      Ever since I was a kid, I waited for the moment when I would first manifest.
6.    Carrying on a heritage, a tradition, that goes back millennia… that gives me immeasurable pride.
7.    Burns calories like you wouldn’t believe.
8.    My skin never looks better than when I’m in full manifest.
9.  You’ll have a really cool talent (aka, super power). In my case, fire-breathing.
10. It’s not a vampire!

Thanks so much for sharing Sophie! I think #7 is my favorite :)  

Sophie has been kind enough to offer a swag pack to one lucky winner here on Fiction Folio! Just fill out the short form below and good luck!

Contest rules:
-US residents only
-Contest ends at midnight CST on September 2.
-All regular contest rules apply

  2 Responses to “Vanish Blog Tour: Guest Post by Sophie Jordan”

  1. Wouldn’t it be nice to just shift into draki form and have the calories melt away? *eyes cellulite* Love this series so much!

  2. This is one of my favorite series going right now. I never thought I’d be down with the dragons but Jordan does it so well it’s almost impossible not to enjoy.

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