Jan 172012

I was meandering around Pinterest the other day and came across some fabulous bookshelves. I figured I would share them here in case any of you are in the market for some super-creative and fun ways to display your books. I know I want every single bookshelf listed, but I don’t think I can squeeze them all in to my apartment…









  11 Responses to “Bookshelf Lust”

  1. The staircase-shelf is incredible! *adds to dream home*

  2. I love the first one! But it needs a rail!!! ; }

  3. I love the bookcase under the stairs, but I think I also kinda love it b/c there’s a chandelier in the room ;)

  4. Gotta love Pinterest, right? That one with the lift is crazy! Ah, wouldn’t it be nice to have such cool bookshelves?

    Andrea (Newish Follower)
    The Overstuffed Bookcase

  5. Ok that second one is kind of crazy, no? I would love that staircase one, hmmm

  6. Loving the first one. <3

  7. 1. I don’t have stairs at my house but I can still see that shelf there.

    2. Forget the first one if I could only have one of them then I want the second one. If I could fit two of them however… I have enough books for it.

    3. That is one way to be very literal about the word bookshelf.

    4. I like this one even if it is not that practical.

    5. I like this one too. I would not be able to use it though because I am way to short. I am still waiting for that growth spurt.

    6. Very practical. Saves a ton of space too.

    7. I see that as more of a bookshelf for currently reading books.

    I love how I am acting as if I really am going to get those shelves soon. I crack myself up every time.

  8. The BOOKshelves are definitely my favorite :]

  9. Those are amazing. I keep forgetting about Pinterest, I need to go over and take a look.

  10. These bookshelves are pretty darn cool! I especially like the swirly one. It just looks really pretty! :)

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