Jan 312012
This week’s topic is to list the top ten books you think would make great book club picks. Being in an eclectic book club myself, I still stuck with YA books on this one – I just can’t help it! I picked books that I think would spark good discussions, whether for controversial plots or just sheer different ideas and opinions. Plus, they are easily accessible from the library and in paperback, making them more likely to be read.

As always, the lovely ladies over at The Broke and the Bookish deserve a shoutout for hosting Top Ten Tuesday!

The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, and Speak

City of Bones, Shiver, and Saving June

Delirium, Thirteen Reasons Why, Between Shades of Gray, and A Blue So Dark

  5 Responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Awesome Book Club Picks”

  1. I would totally read all of your picks (oh wait I have! well almost ALL haha). Speak is an excellent choice. If I ever teach an honors class in middle school, I am adding that one to my reading list for students.

  2. “Eclectic” is a nice way to describe us ;)

  3. Saving June, great choice:) (Might have to be my next book club pic…)

  4. Great list! I also had Hunger Games & Harry Potter. I am curious about Saving June, I’ll need to check that one out.


  5. I love Speak and it is a great book for discussion. I did not think to add it to my list. Great suggestions.

    -FABR Steph@FiveAlarmBookReviews
    My Top Ten…

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