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Title: Send
Author: Patty Blount
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication Date: August 1, 2012
Pages: 291
Source: Publisher via NetGalley


From Sourcebooks:
It’s been five years since I clicked Send.
Four years since I got out of juvie.
Three months since I changed my name.
Two minutes since I met Julie.
A second to change my life.

All Dan wants for his senior year is to be invisible. This is his last chance at a semi–normal life. Nobody here knows who he is. Or what he’s done. But on his first day at school, instead of turning away like everyone else, Dan breaks up a fight. Because Dan knows what it’s like to be terrorized by a bully—he used to be one.

Now the whole school thinks he’s some kind of hero—except Julie. She looks at him like she knows he has a secret. Like she knows his name isn’t really Daniel…


I literally finished Send minutes ago and I’m still in a bit of a trance. Talk about one hell of an emotional ride that leaves you speechless at the bad parts yet hopeful at the good ones. I expected this to be a heavier book, but I was not expecting this much feeling.

I have been looking forward to reading Send ever since I heard about it from Sourcebooks at BEA. Bullying is such a huge topic in today’s world and I’m so glad to see it approached in the YA world where it can really influence a lot of young people at that awkward yet important period in life. Send is one of those books I feel every high school student should read and discuss.

The story is told in a really unique way in that it’s told by the bully, but also by the bully’s sort-of inner voice. Dan is constantly battling his guilt and his emotions, but he’s also battling his 13-year-old self’s voice, reminding him of the awful thing he did five years ago. Patty Blount really knocked this way of storytelling out of the park and really made the story hit you right in the heart.

I can’t stress enough how powerful this story is. What Dan did when he was 13, what he’s dealt with in the five years since it happened, and what he will have to deal with in the future will bring you to tears but also give you hope.

Read. This. Book.

  9 Responses to “Book review: Send by Patty Blount”

  1. How did I not know about this book? O__O I was going through my Google Reader when I saw the end of your review: Read. This. Book. Upon seeing those words, I rushed on over and am glad I did. Not only did you intrduce me to a new book but you’ve definitely sold me on it. I’m off to add this to my to-read list. Send sounds stunning, full of emotion and the perfect contemporary. Thanks for introducing us :)

    Gorgeous review! Short, sweet, to the point. Colour me interested!
    Rebecca recently posted..AAA: Kody Keplinger, author of The DUFF: Top 5 Books Everyone Should ReadMy Profile

  2. Goodness, this book sounds LEGIT. I love emotional roller coaster types of books so I’ll have to check Send out. Plus, it sounds pretty timely and all.
    April Books & Wine recently posted..I Hereby Confess: 10 Confessions Of A BookwormMy Profile

  3. Great review! I’m going to go look this up right now.

    I just read a book about bullying as well (it goes up on Friday) and whew, intense stuff. But definitely, like you said, a subject that needs to be read about!
    Estelle recently posted..Estelle: Return to Willow Lake by Susan WiggsMy Profile

  4. This book sounds amazing! I think it’s going to be my next purchase on my nook. Guilt and forgiveness are such strong emotions during the teen years, I’m curious how this book will address them!

  5. Warning: what I’m about to say might sound weird.

    I really enjoy books about bullying. In the last year, I’ve read so many of them. I pretty much feel like if you tell me a book is about bullying, I will read it. There’s something that amazes me – -how do the people who are being bullied make it through? I remember those horrific days from junior high and early high school. Good gosh. I am not sure why I’d want to read about the topic and relive the memories, but it’s kind of like driving by a wreck — you can’t help but look.
    Magan @ Rather Be Reading recently posted..Estelle: Return to Willow Lake by Susan WiggsMy Profile

  6. Books about bullying are ALWAYS interesting to me. There are so many sides to it – the bully’s side, the bullied person’s side, the observer’s side, the adult’s side – and I think having it tackled in YA fiction is important. You make this book sound incredibly powerful, and I look forward to reading it.
    Alexa @ Alexa Loves Books recently posted..Top 10 Bookish ConfessionsMy Profile

  7. This looks so amazing! Great review.
    Laura Ashlee recently posted..Every Day by David LevithanMy Profile

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